Fatehgarh Sahib where two child bricked alive in the wall and martyrdom ( India )

Fatehgarh Sahib is one of the twenty-two districts of the state of Punjab in northwest India. This district came into existence in the year 1992, 13 April on the day of Vaisakhi and name of the city was derived from the Guru Gobind sigh Ji (Sikh religion) son name Sahibzada Fateh Singh the youngest son of the Guruji. Here in this place, two Sahibzada ( Princes ) were bricked alive in the wall and martyrdom, in the memory of them the Fatehgarh city came into existence. Sahibzada ( Prince ) Fateh singh age 6 years, and his brother Sahibzada Zorawar Singh ( Princes ) age 9 years. They were offered safe passage if they became Muslims. Both refused, and so Wazir Khan sentenced them to death.  Here we discuse famous places in Fatehgarh Sahib. As according to the year 2012 this place is the second least populous district of Punjab after Barnala. Here today I will tell about favorite and top best places to visit in Fatehgarh Sahib. You can visit every time, but if you  will visit  in end of y…

Rainy Day Street Coffee

Rainy Day Street Coffee in Faridkot city tour
Many people don't like tea-coffee. Still, a huge crowd is their who like tea-coffee. When it is a cold day and outside is raining, everyone thinks of taking some kind of warm and hot beverage. Now, during September-October month, in India north side rainy season, after this winter is coming. Let me share some thoughts about  Faridkot city which is a part of Punjab state. This is a historical place which is 800 years old fort (private property) many places to visit here like clock tower, Sikh temple (Baba Farid) Darbar Ganj, Civil Court, many other popular places you will visit here. This is one of the developing city. Here you will find very good restaurants, coffee shops, market, ice cream parlors, etc.

                                             Rainy Day 😍 Street Coffee  Corner

In the evening we usually decide to take a coffee here. Many coffee shops are available here but we search for a local coffee corner. We have tasted brand coffee here and it seems to look like a brand coffee shop. We have ordered two coffee and veg sandwich. Its taste was very yummy and mouthwatering. As it was raining outside rain one likes to have hot coffee. When one thinks about this scene, how wonderful time it was and memorable.


The visit to the city has consumed our full day. We were tired no... Faridkot is a small city where people do not get out during late night hours. Most shops are closed by 9 p.m. Some of the shops are opened till 11 pm. Only a few restaurants are opened for 24/7.

                                   Rainy Day Street Coffee

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Tila Baba Sheikh Farid Ji

Tila baba SheikhFaridd Ji is the famous gurudwara in Faridkot district. this gurudwara is named after the oldest Sufi Saint Baba Sheikh Farid Ji. it comes to know that babaFarid ji spend much time by living here .this gurudwara had the one wooden tree which is from the time of Babar Sheikh Farid Ji. this tree is also present in nowadays. here under the tree baba Ji do the Bhagti of 40 days. this place is a very calm and peaceful place. this place is located near the Quila a Mubarak. here every day the langer is ready every time. the poor people get daily to eat langer. here on an everyday lot of locals and travelers visit this peaceful place. here one come fell very Relaxful and take many worships. on the day of Thursday here lot of crowded is set up and many people came toGurudwaraa. on Thursday every people get the Parshad of the shaker. in the memory of baba Farid ji here on the September 23, there is the big fair (Mela). this fair is of 4 days and people visit in one day near about 5000 people.here in this gurudwara people gave the Chdawa of salt and oils.and other things. once you came to Faridkot, then I advise you to come here especially.

Gurudwara Godri sahib.

Gurudwara GodriSahibb is also the oldest and religious place in Faridkot. this gurudwara is 4 km away from the Tila baba Farid ji.this  gurudwara is also made in the memory of baba Saheikh FaridJii. here on tuesday and thursd, many devotees came to gurudwara to take a dip in the pavitar sarover. this gurudwara is located on the main highway of Faridkot on Kotkpura road. in this place baba, Farid ji spent times in the 12th century. this place has the purity of touch where you feel ourself
like that we are in the house of the god.this place is very crowded on the september month on the day near the Farid Ji Mela (fair) this whole place is very beautifully decorated and one who came here will never forget the experience. here also every time the Langeris ready every time. my experience is very outstanding i also suggested you to came here once in your life and visit this peacefull

Shahi Haveli

shahi haveli is the awesome place to visit in Faridkot . this is located near the Delhi international school and gurudwara Godri sahib. this place is the place to visit with family members and with best friends to enjoy . do not go by the name, its shape is like of haveli. this place is on the main highway road. this place has lots of swings and slides for kids in outdoor. this place has the outfitting place for the fast food stalls. the food which gets to the people is amazing. this is the hygienic hotel and here the breakfast which everyone gets in the open air atmosphere.  this hotel has a huge child playing area. this hotel gives free internet services. here all the enjoyment we get like, bar, one party hall, wedding hall, and a restaurant. guest can have a variety of cuisines in the house restaurant. here car rental services are also available. shahi hotel provides 24 hours room services, laundry, medical services, security and banquet hall is available. people believe that hotel shahi haveli has power backup facility.this is very beautiful places to visit in Faridkot hotel. this hotel on republic day and independence day here 30% off on room booking. this place is also best for the photo shooting.

 Rest house (Darbar Ganj)

This is a famous place and we can also say that it is a park also. this is the memorable and the pleasant place to visit. this place is also known as the place for a park. this place is very greenery with the environment and here many types of different trees species are also to be seen. this place has many facilities.like here is the free gym for the people. in the morning and evening time, many people came for Jogas, exercise, and jogging. this place is very crowded. by the children. senior citizens also came to this place for enjoying time and playing the play cards among there friends. here for the children, there are many playthings. on Sunday many youth boys came here to play cricket in the cricket ground. many singers live occasion are also been held on the Baba Farid Ji fair. the rest house is also the residence of the district deputy commissioner. this place is must be visited by the children.

 Hockey Stadium 

The hockey stadium in Barjindra college is one of the newly made stadium. this college has the sprawling campus with a large open space for hockey playing fields. this hockey stadium is in the area of 6 acres. this hockey stadium is well equipped with all moderns facilities. and have the sitting capacity of 2700 people sitting arrangement. in this stadium there is a changing room, entrance foyers, washrooms, and offices etc, with this stadium is one of the best Stadium in Punjab. this stadium is located near the district Nehru stadium. this stadium is very overcrowded on the days near the fair of Baba Farid Ji. because many competitions are held for hockey and many players from the hockey team from the other part of Punjab also takes place. this stadium gets the many facilities from the government.

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