Saint Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg Russia
One of the historical place Saint Petersburg, Russia. An experience like historical buildings, statues, ports, bridges, whether, and many more things. Russia worlds biggest country. Russia is an average budget country. Here we were 7 days stay. I will share my experience with you about Saint Petersburg Russia.

This city is known for the Tsar Peter Great. He is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He ruled over whole Russia till he meets the death in 1725. He is known for such a blessed person and with having good qualities of winning wars. Saint Petersburg is also known as the home city of the president Vladimir Putin. This president works for the Leningrad branch for KGB. Later this president joined in the Mayor's office, but Peter is always at the number one in Russia in the eyes of the Russian people. Now I tell you the best and beautiful places to visit in Russia.
Saint Petersburg Get on the water Get on the water city is built on the marshland of…


Best 5 games when you are bored while

Best 5 games when you are bored while

Best 5 games when you are bored while traveling. I will suggest you games that will never let you get bored while traveling. You can install one of the games that you like. I will tell you the best 5 games to play to get rid of boredom while traveling.

Best 5 games when you are bored while

Sweet fruit candy

Sweet fruit candy-This game is one of the best 5 games when you are bored on traveling. It's a great time pass game. Sweet fruit candy play is easy to play, every age person can play this game easily. When you will play this game, Time will quickly pass away. Game sound is very original and unique. Till now 10 million users have downloaded this game. sweet fruit candy has huge players who play this game. Sweet fruit candy is one of my favorite game.

Best 5 games when you are bored while

Pool game

Pool game- Pool game, this is one of the best 5 games when you are bored while traveling. I think everyone like this game. Pool game has millions of users that have downloaded and played it. You can Choose your game practice alone or play the multiplayer, 8 ball pool,9 ball pool, cushion billiards. When you win the game, you get the number of golds for exclusive items such as cute and characters. When you played the best shot, upload your best pool shot, others like this shot you will win big gift box. Step by step level up you will face a difficult level. This game you can play along with your Facebook contacts and challenge your friends. This game is an online game, this game requires an internet connection.
Best 5 games when you are bored while

Ultimate commando grand adventure 

Ultimate commando grand adventure- When you play this game, you will feel you are an e-command. The battle scenario has created to give you a push to spend your spare time with fun. The war is upon us, take a rifle and kill the enemies. The game story, you are a commando. Enemies have attacked and killing citizens. Now, it's your duty to save the people and kill the enemies. The gameplay of this commando ultimate action game is also very thrilling. You should be very careful against them in this mission commando real adventure game. This is an amazing game, realistic 3d graphics, different weapons, one man commando, different survival kits, med pack, guns, and shields. This game does not require internet connection…
Best 5 games when you are bored while

Angry Birds  2

Angry Birds  2- Angry bird 2 games is one of the best-played games nowadays. This game makes sure one will never get bored. Angry Bird 2 Android excellence game of 2018. This game adds new features. CHOOSE YOUR BIRD, MULTI-STAGE LEVELS, DAILY CHALLENGES, LEVEL UP, JOIN A PLAN, IMPRESS THE MIGHTY EAGLE, COMPETE IN THE ARENA, COLLECT SILLY HATS, LOTS OF LEVELS, LEADERBOARDS, FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Free to download - angry birds 2 completely free to play. Although Angry bird 2 can be download for free, there are optional in-app purchases available. This game completed 100+ millions of users. I hope you will also like this game.

Best 5 games when you are bored while

Air fighters

Air fighters- Air fighters is an amazing game. Air fighters are one of the best 5 games when you are bored while traveling. When you fly plan, you destroy ground, sea and air targets. You have thousands of new missions, an adventure without limits. You choose your battle an area, create your tactical missions, select of different air/ground/naval targets. You can fly lots of famous Plan. You can pick F/A-18 super, MiG -29k Fulcrum, F-14 Super Tomcat, A-6 Intruder, AV-88 harrier II, F35BLighting II, F4E Phantom II, F-16 Falcon, and lots new model Aircraft. Once you played this game, you will play again and again.

This is ‘best 5 games when you are feeling bored while traveling’. I hope you will like this blog please share with your friends and comment.  


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