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Kuala Lumper (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumper top places to visit. Kuala lumper is the capital of Malaysia, Its modern town and have the twin dominant towers at the height of 451m which is know for the name petronas. These towers are having pairs of steel clads and glasses. These  towers are also known for the public bridge.the city is also the home to the British colonial -era landmarks of the Kuala lumper railway station and the sultan Abdul samad I will tell you the some interesting places to visit in the Kuala lumper.

Kuala Lumper Petronas tower This city is also known for the twins towers. It is hailed for the Twins Jewel of Kuala lumper. The 88 storey and the chrome and the steel towers are  joined at the 41st and 42nd floury 58 meters long  double decker skybridge ,these towers are located near the Concorde hotel monorail stop, in between the Jalan ampang and Jalan Raja Chulan . The number of offices are located in these towers including  sapurauOMV upstream inc, Huawei technologies, Aveva, cariga…


Chandigarh city forever attractive

Chandigarh city forever attractive Chandigarh city forever attractive places India."Travel tips with my eyes" I know  You will see almost beautiful places. if you will not go to "Chandigarh". You will some miss because you missed the world's best Gardens, a lake, museums, a zoo, etc. Here "Travel tips with my eyes" will explain Chandigarh famous places. please subscribe to "Travel tips with my eyes".  
Rock garden It is a unique garden hat consist of the various art objects, but the best part about the rock garden is that each of its artwork has been made by using industrial and urban is 23.6 km away from the airport of Chandigarh 1. Its opening time in summer on 1 April to 30 September is from 9 am to 7 pm. And on 10 October to 31 march is 9 am to 6 pm .its entry fee to enter in it is 40 rupee for adult and 10 for the child. Every human being is allowed to take photos. Sukhna lake Sukhna lake is the beautiful place of the Chandigarh t…

Gold city Golden temple Amritsar top

Gold city Golden temple Amritsar top 
Gold city Golden temple Amritsar top visiting places (India). India is a beautiful country. India's every part is amazing, here I talk about Punjab north part of India. Punjab state is famous for Sikh religion. In Punjab thousands of Sikh temples, now I talk about Amritsar city. Local people call "Shari Amritsar Sahib". Here "sahib" means "lord".Shari Amritsar Sahib has many attractive places. Let's talk about famous places. Golden Temple  The golden templeThe golden temple has been a center of attraction of the travelers. The beautiful temple, mystic pond, delicious halwa, and ongoing enchants will make you feel very calm internally .it is also one of the oldest worship places of the Sikhs for many few past years. this temple construction started in 1588 under the fourth Sikh guru. Jalian Wala Bagh  Jallianwala BaghThe Jallianwala Bagh was also located near the golden temple. It is the famous public ground where t…

Shimla most famous visiting place

Shimla most famous visiting place Shimla is one of the most famous visiting places in India. In India, most people plan vacations for Shimla. It is one of the famous hill stations, in summers here is mostly rainfall and in winter season here is snowfall. "Shimla is the most famous place in India".
People of all age group are attracted to Shimla. This place is located in north side India. Shimla is the capital of the Himachal state. This summer I and my friend have gone to Shimla. First, we have gone to Chandigarh and hire a taxi for Kalka railway station. Then we pick a train from Kalka to Shimla. Here people call this train “toy train”. Because this Train size is very small, at first look this train looks like a toy train. This train lines size 2 foot, 6 inch. When entering a trained crowd was too much. We did not find any seat due to rush. Few stations have passed and then we have taken seats to sit. These seats were near the windows. The view outside was amazing. We felt t…