Kuala Lumper (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumper top places to visit. Kuala lumper is the capital of Malaysia, Its modern town and have the twin dominant towers at the height of 451m which is know for the name petronas. These towers are having pairs of steel clads and glasses. These  towers are also known for the public bridge.the city is also the home to the British colonial -era landmarks of the Kuala lumper railway station and the sultan Abdul samad building.now I will tell you the some interesting places to visit in the Kuala lumper.

Kuala Lumper Petronas tower This city is also known for the twins towers. It is hailed for the Twins Jewel of Kuala lumper. The 88 storey and the chrome and the steel towers are  joined at the 41st and 42nd floury 58 meters long  double decker skybridge ,these towers are located near the Concorde hotel monorail stop, in between the Jalan ampang and Jalan Raja Chulan . The number of offices are located in these towers including  sapurauOMV upstream inc, Huawei technologies, Aveva, cariga…




Jalandhar, One of the Historical city Jalandhar. Hello, friends today once again "travel tips with my eyes" present you the one more interesting place in India. friends today I will tell about the famous district of Punjab that is Jalandhar.  jalandhar lies in the northern area of India in Punjab. it is the region of Doaba region in the state of Punjab. This city is the headquarter of the Jalandhar division with a constituent district like Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Ferozepur, and Kangra. this city is the oldest religious place of worship. here today I will tell about the most places to visit in Jalandhar.Jalandhar

Devi Talab Mandir


Devi Talab Mandir is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Jalandhar city.
here the main Mata Mandir in center of the handmade lake. surrounding water view is very beautiful, and nearby this temple there are many other temples. There are very big park insides this temple. if one can visit here than we feel very rest in this. here in this temple the Vaishno Mata temple is also situated and is a well-made temple. there is one more temple here that is Amarnath temple which dedicated to the god Shiva. this temple is wow if we once visit here with your family. I suggested if you are in the Jalandhar city then I request you to must visit in this Devi Talab Mandir.

 Rangla Punjab Haveli


It is the best places for all those Punjabis people who love traditional life very much because this place is related to Punjabi culture . this rangla Punjab haveli is located 60 km away from the Ludhiana. this haveli represents the typical Punjabi traditional villages lifestyle. we will find splendid architecture with fine art and design displayed here. There is a sculpture of men and women performing everyday chores like stitching, drawing water from the wells, dancing, and weaving. we also experience the grandeur of rich sculpture Punjabi culture and heritage. in the center of the haveli, we will find the well that demonstrates the technique of pulling out water using bulls. there are small cubical are constructed which representing the models of Subedar house, a layout kitchen with unique brass utensils. There is the live performance of music and dance in the evening time. you will love the Gidha and bhangra dance performance. here in this place they also represent the horse riding, puppet show camel rides, magic shows in daily routine. this haveli provides quality and nutrients food like Sarson saag and Makki ki roti, karahi paneer. Rangla Punjab Haveli also provides marriage palace where many ceremonies are been held. if you were living in the Jalandhar then you must visit this place with a family group with friends and couple. this place is located near the grand trunk road, Khajuraho, Jalandhar.

Wonderland amusement


Wonderland is the theme park, spread over 11 acres is located about 6 km away from the Jalandhar bus terminus 8 km away from Jalandhar railway station on the road. This park offers many thrilling rides. Wonderland water park rides include bumper cars, flying jets, horror house, boating, kiddies boating, playhouse, flying dragon and a slide splash. the wave pool is probably the most popular pool. There is an aqua dance floor, where visitors can dance to the tunes of the latest Punjabi songs. The dance floor is underneath the canopy, which has artificial clouds from where the water comes down like a rainfall. the dry park is open throughout the year, but the water park closed during The winter season. this the most amazing place in the Jalandhar districts, it is the adventures and fun loving place to visit. it is the place to come with family, couple etc. this whole area is neat and clean. a haunted house is so funny and the food of the restaurant is too good.

 St.mary's cathedral church Jalandhar


St. Marys cathedral church in Jalandhar, Punjab, India is one of the seats of the bishop of the roman catholic church. it is the diocese of a Jalandhar. this church is located in the Jalandhar Cantonment. the old church at the same site was dedicated to St. Patrick and was constructed by rev. FR.john mc Donnel. the area was under the diocese of Lahore. The church at Jalandhar cantonment became the mother church of Punjab. This church was blessed
by the pope john paul when the new church was raised. This place is a very popular destination for the Christian and tourist one who visited here will feel relaxed and at peace in the beautiful and serene environment. There is very well laid out park and tree plantations which make this place more charming. This place is must visit during near the Christmas season. This place must be visited by the people on Christmas day at night.

Guru Gobind Singh stadium


Guru Gobind Singh stadium is located in the newJawaharr market road, link road, Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar in Punjab. Guru Gobind Singh Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Jalandhar, India. it is currently used for football matches and is the home stadium of just mills football club. the stadium can hold 22,000 people. This stadium is used for the locals of the Jalandhar for the purpose of staying fit. here people can see by doing jogging, playing soccer, weight-lifting etc.most of the time this stadium opens in the morning at 5am and closed at 10:00 pm.here many events are also held like Kabbadi, live music, show, award ceremonies etc. organized at this stadium. This stadium has many facilities like dressing rooms, changing rooms
and administration room, VIP lounge, media room with facilities for print, radio, live tv broadcast etc, medical room, vehicle parking. this place is very crowded on the occasion of 15 August and 26 January. all the school students gave a performance here in the memory of
martyrdoms people.

Science city


pushpa Gujral science city offers a blend of education, curiosity, and fun to ensure longer and repeated visits. The project is aimed at cultivating an interest in the science through open-ended exploration away from textbooks and blackboard, with a scientific approach to problem solving.the project has something for everyone, regardless of age, education, profession or social strata and is intended to make science accessible to people who are not part of the formal education system. The total cost of the science city project is of 100 crores. it is the joint project of both the government of Punjab and the government of India. Here the major attraction to the people is space theater, laser theater, 3d theater, flight simulator, fun science exhibits. in the space heater, we feel like as we are moving in the space and in 3d show theater we feel as that the character of the film of 3d are touching are the body. state-level energy education and awareness park were also developed in collaboration with Punjab energy development agency.
second phase galleries added an amazing living machine, science of sports, virtual reality, earthquake simulator, convention hall and a dinosaurs park to present memorable entertaining knowledge-based and excitable experience. this place is known as the gaining of knowledge.

The Surjit hockey stadium


Surjit hockey stadium was named after in the memory of one of the great hockey player, who was the backbone of the of the Indian team, this stadium is a very big playground of hockey. this stadium is home of the franchise Sher-e-Punjab of the world series hockey and Punjab warriors of hockey India league. This stadium was established by the members of the Surjit hockey society. This stadium is under the owner of the department of sports Punjab. This stadium has the capacity to manage 8000 people at the time. I suggest if you are lovable of hockey then I request u to must visit here.

Sheed-e-Azam museum


This is the best museum to visit in Jalandhar. This museum holds great cultural value. there are Bhagat Singh personal items and his family details. there are also loads of details of other people involved in the struggles. It is worth a visit. the area is starting to see a great regeneration, currently visiting the museum can see within 1 hour. but the local says if we see this museum with our full concentrate then we will expect as a day. This museum is located just a side road
several photos and few personal things are displayed in the museum. Sheed BaghatSinghh ancestral house is also near to the museum. this museum is was inaugurated on the 50th martyrdom anniversary of the Baghat Singh. it is located in the 45 km away from the Jalandhar at Khatkar Kalan on Nawanshahr on Banga road. There are a half-burnt ashes of Sardar Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev Singh including the blood-soaked sand and bloodstained newspaper in which their ashes were wrapped are preserved and exhibited here.

TR enjoy world


TR enjoy world ( water park) is located on the Hoshiarpur road, Jalandhar city.it is an amusement park or theme park. This place is the group of entertainment attractions, rides and other events in a location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people. This park is more elaborate than a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions meant to cater specifically to certain age groups. this theme amusement park is usually much more intricately themed to a certain subject or group of subjects than the normal amusement park.TR enjoy world is a wonderful type of amusement park for all types of age groups. it is nestled in over several acres of parkland. here to visit the best time in the park is in the summer season . in this season people enjoyed very much in the water pools.

 Sadar Bazar


sadar bazar is located in the Jalandhar army cantonment. This bazaar has two well-stocked canteens/shopping centers which meet the day to day requirements of the population. the management of the Sadar Bazar is through cantonment board and other institutes are run by the army for its serving personnel and ex-servicemen. in this canteen all the food materials are available for the army families. here all the food material are available at low prices than of from locals bazar.

Imam Nassiruddin mosque


imam Nasir mausoleum-A mystical white structure mosque. it is a very beautiful mosque in a Sikh dominant region .it is no less than a surprise for everyone. this mosque is situated in the heart of the Jalandhar city. the imam Nasir mausoleum presents a special treat for the eyes.it is one of the oldest monument in the city. this mosque is named after the great saint of the medieval era, imam Nasir. according to the archaeological surveys, the imam Nasirs mausoleum is supposedly an 800-years old structure. this mosque is a splendid white structure with four majestic spires which stand as hallmarks on the streets of the Jalandhar. this mosque has the one dargah in its premises, which is said to be 1100  years old. this dargah is famous for the saint Baba Farid Ji, the 12th-century Sufi saint, for a 40 days stay here. this mosque is fully decorated at the time of the Muslim festivals. the garden around it is covered with twinkling lights forming a heavenly sight for the onlookers.  this place is the place of worship. The imam Nasir mosque has brought glory to the city of Jalandhar with its exquisite architecture. the majestic splendor of this monument is definitely worth admiring once.

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