Kuala Lumper (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumper top places to visit. Kuala lumper is the capital of Malaysia, Its modern town and has the twin dominant towers at the height of 451m which is know for the name Petronas. These towers are having pairs of steel clads and glasses. These towers are also known for the public bridge. the city is also the home to the British colonial -era landmarks of the Kuala lumper railway station and the Sultan Abdul Samad building. now I will tell you some interesting places to visit in the Kuala lumper.

Kuala Lumper Petronas tower This city is also known for the twin's towers. It is hailed for the Twins Jewel of Kuala lumper. The 88 story and the chrome and the steel towers are joined at the 41st and 42nd floury 58 meters long double-decker sky bridge, these towers are located near the Concorde hotel monorail stop, in between the Jalan Ampang and Jalan Raja Chulan. The number of offices is located in these towers including sapurauOMV upstream inc, Huawei technologies, Aveva, Carrigalin…


Fatehgarh Sahib where two child bricked

Fatehgarh Sahib where two child bricked

Fatehgarh Sahib where two children bricked alive in the wall and martyrdom ( India ). Fatehgarh Sahib is one of the twenty-two districts of the state of Punjab in northwest India. This district came into existence in the year 1992, 13 April on the day of Vaisakhi and name of the city was derived from the Guru Gobind sigh Ji (Sikh religion) son name Sahibzada Fateh Singh the youngest son of the Guruji. Here in this place, two Sahibzada ( Princes ) were bricked alive in the wall and martyrdom, in the memory of them the Fatehgarh city came into existence. Sahibzada ( Prince ) Fateh Singh age 6 years, and his brother Sahibzada Zorawar Singh  ( Princes ) age 9 years. They were offered safe passage if they became Muslims. Both refused, and so Wazir Khan sentenced them to death.  Here we discuss famous places in Fatehgarh Sahib. As according to the year 2012 this place is the second least populous district of Punjab after Barnala. Here today I will tell about favorite and top best places to visit in Fatehgarh Sahib. You can visit every time, but if you will visit at the end of the year last week, you will enjoy and meet other travelers. 
Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib 
 Fatehgarh Sahib where two child bricked
The Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib was constructed to commemorate the death of the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The gurudwara was named after the Guru Gobind Singh Ji son Sahibzada Fateh Singh who was bricked alive in the wall by the Mughals. This was started when Sikh started the conquest in 1710 that was led by Banda Bahadur. Maharaja Yadwinder Singh of Patiala constructed the entrance of gurudwara in 1952. The wall in which two Sahibzada were bricked alive is in gurudwara Bhora Sahib, gurudwara shahid ganj and gurudwara Burj Mata Gujri Ji are situated here within the Fatehgarh Sahib Gurudwara. Here the best time to visit this place is in the morning before sunrise. It is one of the peaceful places, one can easily feel the peace when they will enter the gurudwara.

Rauza Sharif 

 Fatehgarh Sahib where two child bricked
Rauza Sharif is a type of Dargah which is dedicated to Shaikh Ahmad Faruqi Sirhindi, this place is also known as the Mujaddid Alf Isfani. Sunni Muslims considered the dargah as the second Mecca. The tombs of Shah Zaman and his queen and the Afghan ruler can be seen nearby. 
Rauza Sharif is situated on the Sirhind - Bassi Pathana road. During the festival of Urs of Shaikh Ahmad Faruqi Sirhindi, this palace is visited by many people these days. There are a number of a tomb in the compound mostly off the Shaikh Ahmad house. This is the fireplace made of bricks and partly overlaid with stones and marbles. There is a grand mosque with a basement and a small tank for performing ablution before the prayer. The shrine has been taken as the over by the Indian government as a historic monument and a regular employee has been kept here for its maintenance upkeep and care. 

Das nami Akhara

Das nami Akhara is the religious place which is dedicated to the saint, baba hardit giri. After Diwali, an assembly is held for three days on the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Bhandara is organized on Monday and sermons are delivered by preachers. The Akhara is visited by a number of travelers during the festival of Shivaratri and Janmashtami.

Mata Chakreshvri Devi Jain temple 

Mata Chakreshvri Devi Jain temple, located in Attewali village, is dedicated to goddess Chakreshvri devi and is believed to be 1000 of years of old. According to folklore, during the rule of Raja Prithvi Raj Chouhan, the idol of Mata Chakreshvri Devi was brought by one pilgrim. Once the idol was put on the ground, it did not move. Thus the pilgrims decided to install the deity at that very place. The walls of the temple are adorned with glass work. The well close to the temple is considered as holy. This place is known as the place of worship.

Sant Namdev temple 

Sant Nam dev temple is dedicated to the Sant Namdev who preached Bhakti Marg, the way to worship God. His 61 Shaloks has been included in the Shri Guru Granth sahib. This place is also known as the swami Namdev Ji ka Dera .. this temple is visited by many travelersduring the fair held on the occasion of Basant Panchami .this temple has a strong religious following in the area. The present structure was build in 1925.  This temple attracts a lot of devotees every year.

Haveli Todar mal 

Haveli Todar mal is situated in Harman Nagar on the eastern side of Sirhind - Rupnagar railway line just 1 km away from fatehgarh sahib is known as the Jahaz haveli. It is the type of monument. The Haveli is built using Sirhindi bricks. It was once the residence of Diwan Todar Mal. He has honored the Sikhs community by buying the land to cremate the body of shaibzada zorawar Singh. It is the 17-century residence of Todar Mal. Today mal descendants moved from Sirhind to Ludhiana. The present descendants known as mandals are from sub caste of Sood and are Kshatriyas.

Aam Khas bagh

 Fatehgarh Sahib where two child bricked
The Aam Khas Bagh was constructed for the Mughals emperor Shah Jahan while travelling to Lahore . This place very beautiful in Fatehgarh Sahib. Numerous palaces were constructed nearby to ensure a comfortable stay of the Mughals rulers. It is believed that existed an air conditioning system in the palaces. The Aam Khas Bagh has the sheesh mahal, Hamam, and tank where water was heated. The Maulasari in Aam Khas Bagh is a tourist complex. A light and sound system programme is introduced during the Jorh Mel, depicting stories of the bravery of the two sons of Guru Gobind Singh. Once it boasted of the grand reception area to receive and entertaining guests and well laid out ground complete with a pool and fountains.

Floating restaurant 

The floating restaurant is built over the Sirhind canal on GT road and is made by the Punjab tourism development corporation in Fatehgarh Sahib.  The floating restaurant is built on vessels that can bear pressure up to 8,000 cusecs of water. The ideal time to visit this restaurant is during the summer season.  the floating restaurant is an impressive structure floating on water.  This complex attracts a lot of tourist to itself. this restaurant has its unique picture in the city.  This floating vessel comprises 8 suites and a restaurant.  This restaurant provides the facility for an overnight stay to the travelers as it is situated in a picturesque place. The popular attraction is jam-packed with guests during the summer season. The channel on which the floating restaurant is built supplies water to the states of Haryana and Rajasthan.

Hotel palm regency 

Hotel palm regency is established in the year 2017,  hotel palm regency is situated near Banda Bahadur gate, on Fatehgarh Sahib road, Fatehgarh Sahib. It is a top restaurant in the city.the well-known establishment act as one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Fatehgarh Sahib. 
There are many benefits for guests like projector by a screen with Hi-Fi sound, 25%discount on food items Rs 500/- , 15% discount on cold drinks , juice, coke, Pepsi, milk, 20% discount on single rooms . This hotel is too much beautiful and a 2 star hotel.

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